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2022 MiGO / OGA Great Race

July 25, 2021 through June 30, 2022

Hosted jointly by the Michigan Geocaching Organization and the Ohio Geocaching Association.  There will be three winners based upon goals below, plus additional winners determined by a random drawing based upon points scored and will be announced at Midwest Geobash 2022; prizes awarded at the Discretion of MiGO and OGA.  Race Website:

This is a two-tiered contest with a minimum of 3 winners based upon distance and visits, and additional winners based upon points earned. 1 point = 1 entry into a random drawing using assigned numbers and a random number generator.

The main goals:

  1. Greatest Distance Traveled (per
  2. Most USA States & Territories and Canadian Provinces Visited*
  3. Most Countries Visited*


Miles / Locations will be adjusted for racer miles that have been clearly fabricated, manipulated, or are of a suspicious nature. Only miles between “drop off” logs will be counted; visits by one cacher from cache to cache do not count.  *In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by First to Earn.

Minimum 1 prize for each goal above. Decisions of the Race Officials are final.


Earn Points:

  1. Be “in the hands” of at least 20 different (unique) Geocachers. Discovers don’t count. Grabbed and retrieved from physical caches do count. (1 point)
  2. Travel a minimum of 800 miles. (1 point) or

Travel a minimum of 1600 miles (2 points) or

Travel over 1600 miles (3 points)

  1. Four or more photos in gallery from minimum of 4 unique caching accounts and 4 unique locations. (1 point)
  2. Photo at a “welcome to” sign. This may be a state, city, country, or other location. The sign must include the word “welcome” (1 point each, up to 5 points)
  3. Participation – Take a photo of your racer, upload it to the trackable page and place it into a starting cache. Race participant may add any charm or token to it to help identify it. Racer should be given a name and the page description should let cachers who pick up the bug know that it is in the race. (1 point)

Minimum one random winner, additional based upon participation.

We will also track and announce which organization traveled more miles based upon actual membership.  If you are a member of both organizations your miles will count toward the state you reside in.  You do not need to be a member of either organization to play, only to have your miles added to the organization score. Living in MI or OH does not constitute membership.



The Rules:

This contest is open to all Geocachers (including officers of both hosting organizations) who obtain the MiGO/OGA trackable Racer. Racers may be obtained at Midwest Geobash or from your respective organization by making a $5 donation per racer, until supplies are exhausted.  Only racers received from MiGO or OGA for this race are allowed in this contest.  Limit 200 entries.

  1. A donation of $5 per Racer entered will be required of each person entering a racer in this race.
  2. The purpose of this race is to have fun. No grumbling or complaining allowed.
  3. The premise of this race is that once you release your racer, you no longer have control over where it goes, how far it travels or where it visits. It may disappear, or it may travel far.
  4. The rules are here simply to ensure everyone has an equal chance at winning.
  5. The race begins at 5:00 PM on July 24, 2021 and ends at 11:59 PM on June 30, 2022.
  6. After the race ends, the race coordinators will review entries and prizes will be determined. Winners will be announced at MWGB 2022 and may be claimed at that time or will be mailed to the winners at their expense.
  7. Each unique Geocaching account may enter up to two (2) racers.
  8. All Racers must be registered to the owner, have zero (0) distance logged and contain no drop off log entries prior to dropping it off at its starting location.
  9. Racers may be launched at any time after 5:00 PM on July 24, 2021; the sooner you launch the better your chances of winning are. 
  10. Racer owners, and their immediate family members are not permitted to move their own racer.
  11. If a Racer goes missing, owners MAY NOT release a “copy” tag. (Only the original racer is in this race)
  12. Owners MAY contact the Geocacher who is currently in possession of their racer in an attempt to promote their racers movement and goals.
  13. Owners MAY NOT contact Geocachers who do not currently have possession of their racer in an attempt to promote their racers movement and goals.
  14. Before traveling to other countries, Racers must be dropped off (and logged) by the first finder into at least one other cache in the United States after the initial release cache. (no putting your bug into a cache so your friend can pick it up and take it overseas).
  15. By registering a Racer in this race you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to abide by these race rules and by any race decisions made by the Race Officials, and that you have given permission to have your photo and your Racer’s photo taken and posted on and on the MiGO page, the OGA page, or a website (if designed) for this race.
  16. Should a situation occur that is not covered by these rules, the Race Officials will, in their sole discretion amend such rules to ensure the fairness and integrity of the race. 
  17. Prizes TBD by the Racing Officials and respective committees and will be announcing jointly at some point during the race.  Number of prizes awarded will be based upon participation.



  1. Everyone playing this contest is expected to play by the guidelines and rules established herein and in the MiGO Code of Fair Play. Anyone determined by then Race Coordinators to be violating the rules will be disqualified from this contest.
  2. Sock Puppets may not be used to move your Racer
  3. Drive-By and Arm-Chair Geocachers may not be used to move your racer
  4. Decisions of the race judges are final.