2021 Ohio GeoClash Event Schedule




Thursday 6/3/21



4:00PM - Fairgrounds Open

(Campgrounds open for registered campers)


6pm to 9pm - Kickoff Event


(Swag pickup available)



Friday 6/4/21


9:00AM - Opening Ceremony Event (Fairgrounds)

(Event cache locations will be revealed at the opening ceremony - caches will also be listed in a bookmark list on the event page shortly after the opening ceremony concludes in case you can't make it).


10:00AM - 5:00PM - Event Store Open (Fairgrounds)


8:00PM - Evening Event (Location TBD)



Saturday 6/5/21


9:00AM - GeoClash Main Event (Fairgrounds)


-Event Store

(Event game cards must be turned in by 4:00PM Saturday)


5:00PM - GeoClash Closing Ceremony (Fairgrounds)




8:00PM - Evening Event (Location TBD)


Sunday 6/6/21


9:00AM - CITO Event (With Knox County Parks - Location TBD)


2:00PM - Fairgrounds Closed (Go home!)



Event schedule subject to change. It will change as we approach the event and

have more firm information on side event locations and additional activities.

Keep checking back for additional information.