Event Geocaches


For the event, between 50-100 caches will be placed all around Knox County.


Event participants can pick up a game card at the event grounds starting Thursday evening.


Caches will be published Friday morning at approximately 9:30am.


Your goal will be to visit and log a find on as many event caches as possible and collect stamps or code

words from each cache to fill out your game card.


Each cache found will be worth ONE (1) POINT.


Points will be awarded to both the individual cacher (in the form of prize tickets), and awarded to the team

the cacher is playing for (NE, NW, SE, SW, or OS).


Individuals will earn an additional 15 points for themselves and their team by completing their entire card.


Note: Scoring points will be doubled for Ohio Geocaching Association supporting members for both individual and team scoring. You will need to show your membership card at the check-in table when turning in your card.

You will also be able to sign up for a supporting membership at the event store before turning in your event card to receive a temporary membership card.


At the closing ceremony, a prize drawing will be held containing all point tickets from all cachers.